Wednesday, October 02, 2013

31 Horrors: #2 From Beyond (1986)

It's hard to find a better era of horror films than the 1980s.  The genre has gone through many cycles where it gained a large audience, but it just seems that the 1980s was when it exploded.  From Beyond comes towards the end of this surge.

Horror films come in many shapes and sizes.  In some the horror is an external source, and in some we become the thing that scares us most.  I thought that From Beyond sort of spanned both of these, as we watch horrible things happen to Crawford, and then also to Dr. McMichaels. The film seemed to lack a true protagonist, which I thought weakened it.  It also seemed like it wanted to have a love story subplot between Crawford and Dr. McMichaels, but it never could really figure out how to make that work.

Solid practical effects throughout, minus the one weird flying thing.

Check out the trailer:

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ncapp said...

I love the crap out of this movie. It's so batshit crazy and Ken Foree is awesome.