Tuesday, October 01, 2013

31 Horrors: #1 The Long Island Cannibal Massacre (1980)

There's a group of about four of us who try to hit up Alamo Drafthouse's weekly Terror Tuesday show.  We've been absent from the theater for several weeks, but, when I was on Long Island last month and saw that the first Terror Tuesday screening in October was The Long Island Cannibal Massacre I knew we had to get to the theater for it.

The film was shot on a super 8 camera for $500 dollars by a 17 year old kid...and watching the film you can kind of tell that he's still working on his storytelling and pacing.  Overall what he put together was a pretty decent slasher movie, and while the plot was pretty tricky to follow, his visuals made up for it.  Schiff does a good job keeping the camera moving and what the audience is seeing something interesting.  Overall not a great movie, but, it was enjoyable to see such a decent film made for so cheap by someone so young.

Check out an except from the film:

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