Thursday, October 03, 2013

31 Horrors: #3 Remote Control (1988)

 Last year I saw Just Before Dawn (which I wrote about here) and I mentioned that I wanted to check out some more films by director Jeff Lieberman.  So today I watched (for the second time) his film Remote Control.

The film is a weird kind of throwback to the 50s, and features a lot of 50s sci-fi elements.  The 80s over-the-top fashion is pretty great, and Kevin Dillon plays a really clueless hero.  There is a scene where he is looking for a video camera in a bedroom, and the other person in the bedroom is ON the TV and he's looking for the camera in the closet and other places that it's obviously not.  Pretty great.

Worth checking out, and the film within the film that is also basically the film is pretty flawlessly pulled off.

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