Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Radio Radio: Or the time I was berated for asking a guy to stop talking...

I routinely will tell people that "I'm the worst Austinite". I've lived here for the vast majority of my life, and have yet to partake in many of the things we are lucky to have here in Austin. One thing that has always stood out on that list was attending a taping of the KLRU show Austin City Limits. And now, thanks to the good fortune of a certain Forager (who got picked for a pair of the "Space Available" tickets), I was able to attend a taping last night. It was a slightly obscure (new?) band called Radiohead. Let me tell you, I really think they are going to be something big a couple years down the road...I'd recommend checking them out sometime if you have the chance...

Seriously though, if you want to read a real review of the show check this one out:

The show was amazing, and the sound was simply stunning. I don't know that I've ever seen a band sound so perfect. And maybe this is a sign that I'm getting old, but the volume was a nice level (not insanely loud) so I felt OK that I forgot my earplugs in my car (although I bet my Dad wouldn't be happy about that). When the episode airs, feel free to look for me about 5 rows from the stage, stage right. I'm the tall bearded guy in front of the loser who is taping the show on his cellphone the whole first half (even though we were specifically asked not to) or talking the whole time. A couple songs in I was pretty fed up with the fact that the guy decided that he needed to talk to his friend non-stop and asked him "If you have to talk, do you mind taking it outside?". Because, seriously, this is probably a once in a lifetime chance for people to see Radiohead in such a small intimate venue, there is no reason to talk during the show. His response "Do you know how much I paid for these tickets?". So I told him that the rest of us were interested in hearing the band, and not having to hear him jammer on about whatever he felt was important enough to say over a bands performance (I will never understand going to a show to talk, no matter the size/popularity of the band. But it's even more insane with a band like Radiohead). Then he told me to fuck myself several times. The girl who was with him tried to calm him down, but I just turned back to the stage and continued to enjoy the show. The talking was a slight distraction, but it wasn't enough to ruin the show for me. Later he was almost kicked out for taping the show with his cellphone (which his girlfriend thought was unfair because "you've been doing it the whole time") and the best part was when he fell down because he was too drunk. A little touch of karma. When I saw him after the show (and he wasn't two stairs up) and he realized the ACTUAL height difference (I am about a foot taller then him) he kinda looked a little scared.

I have to admit, I've always been more of a fan of the earlier Radiohead discography. The Bends being my favourite album by the group. But it was great to see them perform all the songs (Setlist), even the ones I'm not as familiar with. And ending with Paranoid Android was amazing. If you're in Austin, ACL usually posts a blog about a week before a taping so you can enter to win the Space Available tickets, and I'd highly recommend checking one out.


ncapp said...

"Do you know how much I paid for these tickets?"

Then he should understand that he should shut the hell up and get the most out of his experience instead of watching through a screen. What an idiot.

Really surprised that the set list mostly goes from Hail to the Thief (my favorite album of theirs, though I know of many who dislike it) to present. Regardless, looks like a badass show.

Paul Toohey said...

That's the thing that sucks, he's obviously one of those people who are there more to brag about it then to enjoy it. Valerie called it that they would probably be dicks if I said anything to them about not talking, and they were. I really wanted to respond to him "that's funny, I got in for free and I wouldn't talk and take away anyone else's enjoyment" but that probably wouldn't have helped any.

It was really badass. I got SUPER lucky to get to attend.

The League said...

Sadly, this is why I don't go to many shows anymore. I don't want to pay upwards of $50 to stand behind someone who tanked up before the show and just wants to talk, which necessitates they shout loud enough to be heard.

People don't like to be embarrassed, and even less so when they're drunk. So, yeah, of course they become nuts when you ask them to shut up. They know you're right, but part of their brain has to find ways that they can come off in their own mind as not being the bad guy in the story.

I dunno. It doesn't seem to be a problem vis-a-vis ticket sales, so I assume this is the new normal.