Monday, March 05, 2012

Fasting: Oh the Lin-sanity

(I'm totally stealing the idea of at least mentioning every movie I see this year here from my buddy @Melbotis who is doing the same thing over at his blog at )

So this week in the UT RTF Master Class our guest is Justin Lin, who most recently has been directing films in the series The Fast and The Furious (he's directed the most recent three, and is signed on to direct the next two). I hadn't seen any of his movies, and was able to borrow the most recent, Fast Five, easily from James. So yesterday I checked it out.

These movies are a little bit out if my normal wheelhouse, but I think just about everyone can enjoy a good action packed flick every now and then. And I did enjoy watching it. Was it perfect? No. Would a little more character development and backstory have helped? Maybe, but it also would have taken time away from what was really important and that was fast cars and explosions. I think the film showed that Lin is comfortable directing large scale action pieces and making them fun.

I'm about to head into the Master Class, so I'll leet you know how that goes later.

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