Thursday, October 02, 2014

31 Days of Horror - 2014: Day 2 Texas Chainsaw

I feel like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a film that started a change in horror films.  Tobe Hooper put together a special little piece of cinema, and also convinced so many people that they story in the film was true.  Of course the movie is based on truth (Ed Gein), although the story it is based on didn't happen in the state of Texas, nor was a chainsaw involved.

This film starts off promisingly enough with a recap of the original film from 1974, and picks up shortly after Sally makes her escape from Leatherface.  What happens is the entire extended Sawyer family rally to the house, and are then massacred by the locals.  The only survivor seems to be a baby, who is adopted by members of the mob that killed her family.  Fast Forward to today, which is one problem with the film seeing as 1974-2013 is treated as about 20 years rather than almost 40.

The film is pretty decent up until about the third act, when things just get kind of stupid.  Worth checking out if you love the original film, if you didn't you should skip.

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