Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Green: A master class recap...

This week in the UT RTF Master Class the guest was David Gordon Green, most well known for the films The Pineapple Express and Your Highness. Although apparently his early work had a lot of people talking about how he might be the next Terrence Malick. Got a lot of great insight from the guy, but as this is already two weeks later I will just highlight one thing he focused on. David ended up going to the North Carolina School for the Arts after an unsuccessful stent at my alma mater The University of Texas (where buddy @Melbotis shared a dorm building with him). While at NCSA he met several guys who he has spent his career working with thus far. He's very big on working with his crew (friends). Keeping the people around you that you can trust and work with consistently is important in the film business, which can be cutthroat.

David seemed like a really good guy to work with, and I'm intrigued to check out some of his earlier works like George Washington and All The Real Girls.

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The League said...

I have "George Washington" floating around on DVD. Remind me to hand it over.