Monday, January 16, 2012

Movie Time: Comanche Station with the Zellners

One of the best features of Austin's lovely Alamo Drafthouse Theaters are some of their signature events. I've been going to Terror Tuesday pretty regularly with Mike G and a various cast of characters, which is usually entertaining (unless it's Phantasm, which I snored through allegedly...). Another of the events that I try to make it to is Cinema Club, where they get someone with some film knowledge to present a movie that they care for, and then to talk about it afterwards. Usually Ryan and I try to check these out.

Last night was Comanche Station directed by Bud Boetticher. It was the last in a string of westerns that he produced. His westerns are seen as a bridge between the John Ford westerns, and the Spaghetti Westerns of Leone et al. The film presents some pretty interesting viewpoints for both the time period and the genre of film.

Ryan did a much better job of writing it up on his blog The Signal Watch so if you're really interested, check out the movie and then read Ryan's thoughts.

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