Thursday, January 05, 2012

Eating: Trying to do it better

Food is something that we all obviously need, and it's something that a lot of people really love and dedicate their life to. Some as growers of food, some as preparers, but most of us solely as eaters. Many of us have done a pretty poor job of choosing what we put into our bodies, I know I haven't always done the best. I don't think that the blame falls solely lay on the individual, as we're constantly bombarded with media for some of the worst food available, but it only takes a little information and thought to make sure what we're eating is better for us.

Several times I've joined one of the local Community Supported Agriculture programs (or CSA) where once a week you would pick up a bushel of locally grown vegetables. I really liked it, but would sometimes let being busy get in the way of cooking the food and end up throwing things away and ended up quitting (all the okra and eggplant this summer was insane). Then through working on Local ( ) and meeting some of the farmers that grow locally and chefs that source their ingredients locally, plus wanting to do my best eat healthier, I decided to give it another go. So I signed up for Farmhouse Delivery ( Several people I know have used this service with good results, so I'm excited to get my first delivery on Tuesday. The nice thing about Farmhouse is that they deliver the vegetables (and other kitchen items) to your house. This takes having to go to the Supermaket out of the equation, which is something I always dread.

So I placed an order for a bushel of veggies, and added on a chicken, some eggs, and Cuvee coffee (too bad the Holy Roast blend isn't available through Farmhouse). I mentioned this to a coworker, who mentioned it to someone else, and now people are asking me about it in the hallway (well, one person did). So I figured I can document what I get and how I use it here for people that might be interested in what Farmhouse Delivery has to offer.

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