Wednesday, October 16, 2013

31 Horrors Day 15: The Evil Dead (1981)

The Evil Dead is one of my favourite films. Sam Raimi and company went into the production of the film wanting to create 'the ultimate experience in grueling horror', and they did a good job reaching that goal.

One of my goals this year is go get Valerie to watch a few of these movie with me.  She isn't really a fan of horror films, and hasn't watched a lot of them, so getting her in front of the screen can for them can be a bit difficult, but she agreed to this one (I left out the part about it being the ultimate experience in grueling horror...).  She jumped at the right times, and laughed at the right times, which I'm going to take to mean that she enjoyed the experience.  Now my goal is to get her to agree to Evil Dead 2 and maybe Cabin in the Woods.


Ryan Steans said...

Jamie has been a fan of Evil Dead 2, and she's pretty squeamish. I bet Val would dig it.

Oddly, the first Evil Dead I saw was "Army of Darkness" in the theater. I had no idea what it was walking in, I was just bored and near a movie theater and the title sounded interesting. Spent all summer telling people "you have to see this movie". Nobody listened.

Paul Toohey said...

I'm a bigger fan of Evil Dead than part 2. We did watch Evil Dead 2 the next night, and Valerie dug that more.

I also like, and hope to watch, Army of Darkness. The fun thing is that the three films are so different, and all have their place. I too saw Army of Darkness first.